Hello, my name is Yuliana Nike Ndaumanu and people call me “NIKE” . I believe that it’s a destiny for me to be a part of this project, because everything that happened really likes a magic thing. I choose to be a part of “Sawasdee National Project Thailand”, be a volunteer teaching in rural place, don’t you think it’s a challenge, do you?

This is my story.

I went to Bangkok on 16th January 2014 by plane and departed in Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It’s the biggest airport in Thailand and has a very good service there. Some of the AIESEC’er of this project picked me and other interns from the airport and they were so nice. The sent us to the Preparation Camp placed out of Bangkok city because of the politic issues which so serious, so in other for the interns safety we should had the preparation camp not in the Chulalongkorn University instead.

We started the activity on 17th – 19th January 2014, we called it Preparation Camp. Each day in preparation camp was so memorable and precious. The first day, it’s the first time for me to meet all the interns from other country. Before we came, the already gave us a buddy for each interns who will take care of us from the beginning to the last of this project. But the buddy just can be gathering with the interns for the preparation camp and not in rural place. Our buddy just can communicate with interns by text or email etc. I have a very nice and lovely buddy, her name is Bogey. She’s also the same age with me, so I just feel comfort to her. We just enjoyed and had fun during the preparation camp.

I have roommates from China, Chili, and Korea. My roommates are my best friends until now we still keep in touch. The four of us always spent time together and so close each other. I guess it’s a fate for us, I always think of it. The first day, at the night they gave us surprised and I was so touched. Every person gave a bracelet for the interns and wishes us luck, it’s kind of sweet thing they did under the night star in the sky. In Preparation Camp, the OC team not just informed us all about Thailand culture, people, etc. But we just really had fun and not so stressful because they always come with smiles and I really love them.

Finally it’s the day for all the interns to be sent in rural place. It seems like I don’t want to go but I had to. Finally every of us sent to Sisaket province, and it took 8 hours from Bangkok. In bus station every host family were waiting for us. I was so afraid at the time to meet my host family because I just worry for many things. But at the time, after meet the host family I just feel so comfort because they are so nice and like my parents.

On 21th January, was the very first day for me to be a real teacher and the real project started. The school name Srisa ard Wittayakom School located in Khukhan district Sisaket province. It will be my school for the next 6 weeks and many things has happened to me during the time and I just can’t stop to think about my host family, my kids and my friends.

The unforgettable thing at the first day, all the student right from the kinder garden, elementary and junior high school students gave me a flower to me as a welcome ceremony to the school. They call it “ Dok-Kaem”, is the flower given for the teacher they love on the teacher day. I got a tons of flowers and love from my kids. I was so touch and feel so blessed to be a part of this project, and starting to love my school and the kids as well.

The kids welcomed me with their innocent face and sincere smiles and make my heart so melted just to see them.  The first day I taught Prathom 5 ( Elementary Class 5), they were so excited to see me, and I was so surprised to see their expression. And at the time, I promised myself that I will do anything for them, I will have fun and enjoy every moment with them. After teaching, they will come to me and ask anything about me. They can’t stop questioning me and somehow it’s just a funny thing.

Every day was a tiring day because I should teach more than 3 class in a day and the kids always come to me even in break time. But I just had fun and so happy just to meet my kids.  I always can’t wait for tomorrow, to meet my beloved kids and play with them. I was trying anything to get closer to them, but before I’m doing it they already come to me and make me so happy all the time. I just cherish every moment with them. The even gave me candies, flowers, stickers, etc every day. We’re like a best friends to each other. They asked for my signature every time I came to the class. Even asked me for facebook, line and other social media. I just wonder how will they contact me then.

Most of them can’t speak English well. But I just very appreciate to their willing to learn English with me. They come to me bring some English-Thai dictionary books just to speak with me. They speak Thai a lot than English because they can’t speak English, so I’m trying to understand them by their body language and started to learn Thai basic language to communicate with them. I don’t want to miss every single conversation with them, because they’re so precious to me.

The Amazing Thailand. Thailand always amaze me with everything. I can’t stop think of my kids, my school, my host family and friends. I love their smiles, I love their way to treat me well and I love Thai People.

Kab kun ka. Thank you Thailand

Ya lerm na ka. Don’t forget me !!! <3