“As a study program which is based on international standard and the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to develop contemporary communication study using local perspective as well as to be able to actively involved in national development by means of the educational process, research, and community service with professionalism as the main concern.”



The mission of the Bachelor’s of S1 Communication Studies Department

  1. Improving the quality of human resources (HR), that is, lecturers, administrative staff, and other support staff on an ongoing basis with a structured and systematic program, to improve professionalism
  2. Developing an international standard curriculum based on competencies in studies contemporary communication with a local perspective
  3. Conduct periodic and comprehensive evaluations of the Teaching and Learning Process to fulfill the department’s competency standards
  4. Developing research-based on local perspectives to produce studies of contemporary communication that are beneficial to knowledge science.
  5. Developing emancipatory and participatory community service activities in efforts to build a nation,
  6. Strengthening and developing communication science institutional networks at the national and international levels.
  7. Ensuring the availability of facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of a competency-based international standard curriculum.